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Home invaders are a real danger, whether you like it or not. You can be living in the safest neighborhood and yet be a victim of home invasion, which is why it?s vital that you be prepared at all times for what might happen. There are many viable home security options available for you to choose from, but it all means very little if you?re unprepared for what might happen. This article will take you through the basics of how you can keep your family and your belongings protected from home invaders.  

Be Prepared

The very best way to protect your home from invaders is to be prepared for it. In order to prepare yourself, first, you should try to put yourself in a position of an intruder and stroll around your home to check the areas that would give you an easy access…

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More people prefer popping pills and drinking healthy tea over exercise to treat high BP

Results showed that taking a pill or drinking a daily cup of tea was the preferred treatments, though some were unwilling to adopt any intervention even if it meant gaining an additional year or five years of life. For each treatment, participants were more likely to say they would adopt it if the benefit were greater.

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Fear “I Feared For My Life” Reason To Kill

unarmed black3

That is the statement that Police are taught to say when involved in a fatal shooting ofA Black Person. For decades upon decades Peace Officers, Police and various other Law Enforcement Professionals have been taught to use that statement in defense of a fatal shooting involving Black People and Minorities.

But, why the word Fear you ask.

Fear?  FEAR is another Lie. FEAR is Substituted for what is really HATE. FEAR is the acceptable word for the mainstream MEDIA and has been perpetuated for hundreds of years. Any Person/Animal by action usually tries to get away from the object of the FEAR, hence running away, leaving, alternating course. That would be FEAR.

Fear defined as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. Also, synonymous with foreboding, apprehension, consternation, dismay, dread, terror, fright, panic, horror, trepidation, qualm.

FEAR can simply mean being uncomfortable with the object of the FEAR, real or perceived. To Fear is NOT to engage, but to seek other options.

Really, has anyone ever seen a Police Officer run from an Unarmed Black Person?

I think not. unarmed black

If approached by an “unarmed” Bear in the woods, the instinct would not to have to engage the Bear at all, but rather seek other alternatives to avoid an uncomfortable situation and potentially deadly result. But, you don’t HATE the Bear.


FEAR can be the catalyst that drives/ignites the HATE. Once the emotion of HATE revs up, then all sense of reason, judgement, alternative options, open mindedness cease to exist. The focus of the Hate becomes the primary objective.

HATE on the other hand expresses a different course of action. It Seeks to eliminate the Hated object.

HATE attacks the Object of the HATE. Hate pursues, chases, intimidates, KILLS, Destroys, etc. hateface HATE dictates and aggressive action only to be satisfied only by the final outcome of that engagement. A Kill would be a satisfaction of that aggressive action.

Observe the Body language of the Aggressive/Hateful person in every context. Hate denotes a strong, intense dislike or prejudice to the point of hostility.


HATE is what’s driving THEM to HUNT and KILL BLACK PEOPLE.

So, The FEAR really is: “I HATE YOU and Desire to KILL YOU and END YOUR LIFE. Anything  that I see, imagine or presume to see is a Threat to My Life and must be eliminated.” HATE is an AGGRESSIVE ACTION.

Until the HATRED (perceived FEAR) of People of Color has been Eliminated, the unnecessary actions of Law Enforcement agencies and Police may know no end. The HATE must be exposed for what it is. Bring it out, address it and eliminate it from society. An Accountability must be established to enforce rational thinking and actions that should be part of the required qualifications for people holding positions of trust and service to the public.