Black Life, Black Value

Black Men

These Black Men were truly Old School. They existed back when “WE” had pride in Ourselves, Appearance, Respect for Life and Others.
These were Men who wanted to do better not just for themselves, but for all people of color, their families, friends and associates. They may not have had much money but were able to work with whatever they had at the time and maintain a degree of self-respect that seems to be no longer present in this current generation of youth.

Between the three of them , they may not have had $10, but you’d not know it from their appearance. The sense of value is lost among the people of this generation. They cannot understand value as defined by life, education, family, health, work, and community and therefore see no value in themselves or other people of color. Today’s Black Men see value like the number “0”. There is no value in their past, present or future.

Blacks don’t support Black these days and don’t understand themselves , much less others around them. If they would only understand “value”, how to value oneself and increase their value as a person despite destructive efforts by enemies. To value their lives and that of others, To increase the value in themselves and others with education, training, grooming, etiquette, self improvement and positive associations.

Until these changes are implemented within and among ourselves, little progress can be gained.

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