When the $15 Minimum wage is Not Enough

Now would be a time to learn Money Management and Financial Control.

For those that need help with Credit Repair, read the following and connect

If you want to learn how to use money like a tool, control your money and not have it control you, then spend some time here. We offer some life changing but simple steps to a total money makeover. Start to establish these simple financial habits:

1. Pay Yourself First
2. Establish a Budget
3. Eliminate Debt
4. Automate Your Savings and Investments

You can do other things to improve your money situation while you’re working on these four steps.

First, focus on the fundamental personal finance equation: to pay off debt, or to save money, or to accumulate wealth, you must spend less than you earn. SIMPLE BUT VERY IMPORTANT!
Curb your spending. Re-learn frugal habits.

While you work to spend less, do what you can to increase your income. If possible, sell some of the stuff you bought when you got into debt. Get an extra job.

Finally, go to your local public library and borrow Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover. Don’t be put off by the title — this is a fantastic guide to getting out of debt and developing good money habits. After you’ve finished, return it and borrow another book about money.

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The most important thing is to start now. Don’t start tomorrow. Don’t start next week. Start tackling your debt now. Your older self will thank you.Connect with us


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