People Who Never Need Insurance

A while back I thought about the many people that I’d come across while trying to “sell a policy”. Yes , an Insurance policy.

Being a Licensed Insurance Agent is not an easy occupation to manage. Oftentimes one wonders why bother offering insurance products to people who clearly don’t want them or as they would say, “Don’t Need Any”.reject

I  found out that I was marketing in the wrong territory. I mean what a revelation that, the people I was speaking to and offering insurance products, lived in “Never-land”. These people knew that they would never need insurance.

They would never need medical insurance because they would never be hospitalized and require any type of medical care.  Clearly that stuff was for other people. hospital_patient2Many of their co-workers and friends may have needed a doctor’s care or some type of treatment, but this was not for them and they would never need medical insurance.

Accident Insurance. Surely you would think they would want or need accident insurance .  Accident Insurance is a supplemental coverage that pays a benefit to help cover medical expenses that your health plan may not, including high deductibles. 

Once again, I have been speaking to people from “Never-land”. These things would never happen to them, so they would never need Accident Insurance . Would you think that they should purchase life and AD&D insurance to protect their loved ones from income loss and financial catastrophe?

Long Term Care Insurance Plans helps with the costs 401k2related to caring for someone with a long term illness or disability. But of course, the people that I spoke with never have a need for Long Term Care Insurance Plans .

Well, for many that are not from “Never-land” there is a easy way to find out how much a insurance plan would cost and what type of plan would be right for you.

Click below for more information:

Dental and Vision

Medicare Advantage Plans

Supplemental Products




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