Failure, Fear and Contradiction

The Baton Rouge Protester Photograph.

This physical display in which they outwardly armour themselves in total protective gear when confronting a person(s) of color, skin that is non-white, only reenforces and confirms that the source of their problems comes from within their minds and souls. The fear comes from the perception that they are seeing someone of color as a threatening force to be reckoned with. The belief and guilt from knowing that their ill intentions comes from the lies and cowardly misdeeds continually perpetuated against a race of people who had no ill intentions toward them. They cannot honestly deal with their hate , emotions an insecurities so they physically arm themselves to bolster their confidence. A “Show of Force” against a very powerful enemy, Unarmed Black People. Until they can accept the Truth and honestly come to terms with the lies and injustices throughout history and currently being exposed by technology and social media, they will always FEAR. They will Always try to Shut You Up/Down and eliminate you because you represent their Failure. Other Countries and Nationalities see what is happening here as a direct contradiction of how his Country represents itself to the World.

A protester is grabbed by police officers in riot gear after she refused to leave the motor way in front of the the Baton Rouge Police Department Headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Saturday.




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