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Aspartame: Decades of Science Point to Serious Health Consequences

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Aspartame: Decades of Science Point to Serious Health Consequences

Someone told me about some “sugar-free” products that were so “good” that they were irresistible! Of course I was very much interested being that I was trying to lose “a few” pounds.

Why did I “read” that label? So when is sugar free, not “sugar-free”?

Read the article here or follow the link below.

Lifestyle Change, Diet and Exercise

Lifestyle change combined with diet and exercise may be to key to controlling the path to your health goals. Many know that diet alone does not provide the nutritional stability needed to maintain a normal everyday routine which sometimes changes unexpectedly.


Sometimes even combined with exercise it seems achieving our physical and dietary goals becomes a difficult task.


Now, examining our lifestyle, daily habits and routines may help us understand needs and goals from a different perspective as well as help us to break through certain plateaus on the path to achieving our goals.


How I Make My Wife Happy On Her Birthday.


We Husbands, have an obligation to make sure our wives and significant others have happy and enjoyable Birthdays and events to remember.

Normally I would try and cook certain foods that I know would really make her feel special. At times this would require some considerable thought and preparation not including getting it all done without awareness on her part. wifebirthday5

The Greeting cards was easy , but I always have to try and not  the get same cards (so far, I’ve been lucky). I creatively try and place them in strategic and unusual places . I haven’t gotten around to creating content using the computer , so I have to be very careful when buying store cards.                                        Happy-Birthday-Balloons-25

Balloons , yes occasionally they can create the perfect atmosphere, giving your partner the special recognition that you wish to express. Thoughts , always keep it personal.

Make sure you can provide stress relief should your Wife, Girlfriend or Significant other arrive to the occasion in an agitated , depressed or unhappy state of mind. A bag of ideas like foot massages, back rubs, neck massages and vino come to mind (my mind).


Atmosphere , yes . Make sure you provide a relaxing , quiet and tranquil environment as it facilitates a successful arrangement. We talking about things like heating (not too hot), cooling (not too cool), Quiet (noise to a minimum) , tranquility (music of choice), Lighting (dimmers, candles, moonlight).

Presentation may be everything. Sincerity is a big plus.   wifebirthday3